Breaking Barriers: Telling the Seekers’ Story

Earlier this week, the SeekersGuidance team found themselves surrounded by technical gadgets even they hadn’t worked with before. Lights, numerous cameras and even an electronic “action” board filled SeekersHub Toronto in preparation for a special SeekersGuidance project.

Working with a Virginia based video production team, SeekersGuidance was capturing footage for a series of videos to tell the Knowledge without Barriers story. What is Knowledge without Barriers and what impact is it having on the Muslim community? We’re aiming to tell that story. Look out for the first video this summer.

SeekersGuidance is focused on teaching and learning. There were no shortage of lessons to be learnt throughout the day.

SeekersGuidance student

The first person to sit under the spotlight was Sister Nafisah, a SeekersGuidance student since the Knowledge without Barriers initiative was launched. Sister Nafisah is completely blind, and is studying online with SeekersGuidance to learn how to recite the braille Qur’an. She told us her personal story, and about how she came to be a SeekersGuidance student. Hearing her personal journey was very moving, leaving us feeling more conscious of God’s blessings and determined to use them in His service. Meeting our students is always inspiring and reminds us why we are doing what we are doing.

SeekersGuidance teachers and directors, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, provided their input next, which also consisted of beautiful reminders of why we do what we do.

Shaykh Faraz RabbaniShaykh Yahya Rhodus

The final person to sit under the spotlight was Ustadh Muhammad Assagaf, a SeekersGuidance teacher from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It took several takes for him  to switch from introducing himself as “I am a student” to “I am a teacher”. Those of us who know the SeekersHub teacher, will understand that this is a manifestation of true humility and a valuable lesson for us all.

Ustadh Muhammad Assagaf

The production team really demonstrated excellence in their running of the project, which reminded the SeekersGuidance volunteers of the importance of doing every task with a high intention, with sincerity, and in the way that results in the greatest good.

I thank everyone who participated and who helped out, and the production team for their time and efforts. Look out for the first video, coming soon.

UPDATE: Video is now available!

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Sisters braille Qur'an