Shaykh Faraz Rabbani on "Over-Praising" the Prophet

Look What We’ve Done in Just Six Years

Anniversaries are meant to be unforgettable. So when 8 November came around, our memory couldn’t be clearer of why this day is so important to us.

It was on this day six (6) years ago that SeekersGuidance launched the Knowledge Without Barriers initiative. This ambitious yet necessary move to make all of our learning offerings available online and free of cost affected our services instantaneously. We stepped up from serving 600 students to 6,000 within that first term!
This year alone, over 80,000 students registered for free and scholastically sound courses, not to mention the 4 million unique visitors that came to, and come back for more!

This moment is memorable because SeekersGuidance could not take such a bold leap without your hands of support. Your loyal furtherance ensures a future of strong and consistent Islamic scholarship for people worldwide. We will continue to take even bigger and bolder leaps with the expansion of SeekersGuidance’s services into a full-fledged Islamic seminary, as well as the upcoming launch of our Arabic-language platform, SeekersGuidance Arabiyya.
If we can get this far in just six years, imagine what we can do at ten. Your monthly donations and steady generosity will help us get there and beyond. Continue supporting and contributing to SeekersGuidance so that we can look back on how far we’ve come… together.