Marriage: A Beginner’s Guide – Fahad Faruqi has in-depth discussion with Imam Zaid Shakir on critical contemporary issues and the true spirit of marriage in Islam

ILLUME :: Marriage: A Beginner’s Guide

Many men and women spend years looking for a suitable spouse without knowing what to look for. Perhaps, it would have been easier if the options were laid out on a sheet of paper, like an order form of a luxury car that allows you to pick leather interior, wooden dashboard, automatic transmission and the color.

Everyone has sketched an image of an ideal spouse, which is usually no less perfect than the Platonic Forms. Though there is nothing wrong in desiring a beautiful wife or a financially well-off bloke, you probably want to go beyond the superficial before you commit yourself to that person.

Marriage is a social contract. But, as Imam Zaid said, it is also a “spiritual covenant.”

ILLUME’s Fahad Faruqui had an in depth discussion with Imam Zaid Shakir about marriage in Islam, polygamy, and temporary marriage, like misyar and mu’tah, in attempt to tease out the true spirit of marriage in Islam….

Marriage: A social contract – but also a “spiritual covenant.” :: Download mp3

ILLUME :: Marriage: A Beginner’s Guide
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