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On the Path to a Sacred Journey: The Courtesies (Ādāb) of Hajj – Nur Sacred Sciences

On the Path to a Sacred Journey:

The Courtesies (Ādāb) of Hajj

The Hajj has specific courtesies and actions that it is recommended to perform in order to ensure that one returns from Hajj with his or her pilgrimage both accepted and rewarded, inshāʼ Allāh. Among the recommended ādāb of the great pilgrimage are the following.

1)      It is recommended that every person who has made the intention of performing the Hajj and has set out to settle his or her travel arrangements to first and foremost make a sincere repentance (tawba) from all sins and actions which distance one from God. In addition, one must strive to make his or her intention to be one which is sincerely for the sake of God and to exert an effort to purify it from any form of vanity or a desire to be known. All of this is an essential form of preparation in order that one sets out for the House of Allah with a heart that is pure and ready to absorb the sweet breezes of divine mercy and spiritual favors which are bestowed in this sacred journey.

2)      To return all materials one has borrowed or has been entrusted with to their owners. One should also make up for any rights that another individual may have upon them which has yet to be fulfilled as well as pay off all debts or assign someone to do so on one’s behalf if one is unable.

3)      To reach out to all of one’s relatives and friends and ask them for forgiveness. One should also rectify all relationships in which there is any form of misgiving, hurt, or dispute. This is especially important with one’s neighbors. One should also strive to acquire the pleasure of one’s parents and those who have a right upon him or her from among one’s teachers, religious guides, and close relatives.

4)      To write a will and have it witnessed. One should also leave for those he or she has a financial obligation towards, such as a spouse, child, or parent, enough money to spend until one’s return.

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