Raising Your Children with Deen & Dunya – Radio Interview with Hina Khan-Mukhtar – & SeekersGuidance Islamic Parenting Course

Raising Your Children with Deen & Dunya – OLR Radio Broadcasting Live Talk Shows / Islamic / Lectures

Guest Hina Khan-Mukhtar with hosts Munira and Noha at One Legacy Radio discuss the article, “Raising Children with Deen & Dunya” and the lessons she learned from parents who raised their children with strong Islamic identities.

Raising your Children with Deen & Dunya (Part I) (audio)

Raising your Children with Deen & Dunya (Part II) (audio)

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Islamic Parenting: Raising Upright Children (Ustadha Shireen Ahmed & Shaykh Faraz Rabbani)

This course provides practical advice on how to raise upright children in the spirit of the Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah. Based on classical texts on Islamic parenting, the course contextualizes their wisdom in light of modern day circumstances and addresses the most pressing parenting questions, including how to raise children that are spiritual and love Allah and His Messenger, how to protect children from negative influences, how to discipline them, and how to deal with parenting issues specific to living in the West. This course is a must for all concerned Muslim parents.