Ramadan 09: Return to Your Lord (Free Course)

Ramadan is quickly approaching.  SeekersGuidance will be marking the presence of this blessed month with a FREE course — Ramadan Explained: Virtues & Fiqh of Fasting.

This essential three-part course is designed to:

* Remind you that Ramadan is a true blessing from Allah Most High
* Teach you the proper way in which you should be approaching this blessing
* Motivate you to make the most of this blessed month
* Ensure that you understand and can implement all the key aspects of Ramadan, including the Prophetic sunnas
* Give you an opportunity to ask all of those fiqh questions you have ever had about Ramadan and fasting

The course consists of three fully downloadable lessons, a live Q&A session and an online forum where you can interact with your teacher, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

The course will open on August 14th. Live session has been tentatively scheduled for September 12th.

This inspirational course is being offered FREE, as a gift on behalf of SeekersGuidance.  Register online now, and return to your Lord this Ramadan.  You can register here: