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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on Doing Dawah

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on Doing Dawah

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“One of the things we forget as a community is that conversion is not a quick thing. We want everybody to…

‘Oh…you…I…well I told him. I spent 5 minutes with…you know…hes just a kafir…its as simple as that. I explained to him; I said the Quran’s the miracle and he said prove it and I said you have to spend 20 years studying Arabic till you could really get that one. But he disbelieved me.’

So that’s what happens. Now we forget that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was fought by Abu Sufyan for 20 years, he fought him for 18 and a half years. I mean this is seeing miracles…

This isn’t like seeing , you know, ‘Abdallah Khan, or so and so, who owns the curry shop down the street, you know, that I go to once a week, and he gives me a pamphlet, called you know, Qur’an the ultimate miracle.

I mean that, this is somebody who is actually seeing the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and yet fought him for almost 19 years and finally converted, and when he converted he even said to ‘Abbas, the Prophet’s Uncle, when he saw all the armies amassed outside of Mecca he said…

Abu Sufyan: You know that the mulk of your nephew has certainly increased

…and Abbas looked at Abu Sufyan and said:

‘Abbas: A lam ya’ni laa ka antuslim? Isn’t it about time for you to become Muslim?
‘Abbas: Inna hu an-nabuwwa – This is prophecy.

Get rid of that criteria you’re using. And that is the point Abu Sufyan became Muslim. He had a realization, but it took all that time. We give up on people after a few minutes.”

*Taken from the lecture series “Agenda to Change our condition” Part 1, “Introduction.” This audio clip is taken from approximately 30 minutes into the lecture.

“Verily, you (Muhammad) guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills.” (Quran, al-Qasas, v. 56)

“It is not for thee [O Prophet] to make people follow the right path, [260] since it is God [alone] who guides whom He
wills.” (Quran, al-Baqarah, v. 272)

Special thanks go to Br. Hassan Ismail for this post.