The Magnificent Ode in Seeking Assistance through God’s Beautiful Names of Shaykh Yusuf an-Nabahani – Nur Sacred Sciences

The Magnificent Ode in Seeking Assistance through God’s Beautiful Names

Al-Muzdawija al-ḥasnā lī al-istighātha bi-asmāʾ Allāh al-ḥusnā by Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabahani

magnificent ode

Al-Ḥākim reports in a sound transmission, “Supplication is the weapon of the believer, the pillar of religion, and a light of the Heavens and the earth.”  The ability to directly supplicate to God without an intermediary is indeed a divinely granted privilege and a manifestation of God’s mercy and love for humanity.   Its abundance strengthens the heart’s connection to God and bestows light and clarity in times of both hardship and ease.  It is worthy of note that the wording of this hadith states that supplication or dua, is a weapon of a “believer,” rather than the more general category of “Muslim.”  One interpretation of this is that the place of belief is in the heart and the stronger the heart’s resolve that providential power supersedes all worldly power, the more frequent and fervent will be one’s supplication.  In turn, supplication also has the reverse impact of strengthening the heart’s faith (imān) and connection to God, when accompanied by the correct courtesies (ādāb) of dua and religious practice.  Hence the Prophet’s (peace and blessings be upon him) words, “supplication is the essence of worship.”

Truly, the men and women of God continually recognized that the power of supplication is one that can overcome the most turbulent circumstances and challenges.  Shaykh Yūsuf al-Nabahānī lived during the late nineteenth and twentieth century when Muslims were challenged on an unprecedented level militarily, ideologically, and economically.  As a great scholar and man of God, Shaykh Yūsuf al-Nabahānī reminded those around him that one must not forget to accompany one’s necessary struggle for justice and dignity, with an essential dose of supplication and calling on God for divine assistance.  The following ode, known as al-Muzdawija al-ḥasnā li al-istighātha bi asmāʾ Allāh al-ḥusnā (The Magnificent Ode in Seeking Assistance through God’s Beautiful Names), is one of his most famous literary contributions and continues to be sung throughout the Muslim world in order to seek divine assistance and victory.  It is often during times of hardship that hearts are turned back to the One in Whose power all relief from calamities lies.  God also reminds us in His scripture that “with hardship comes ease.”  May we continue our efforts and prayers for an increase in the descent of God’s mercy on all of humanity not only in times like these when the need for it is dire, but also in times of ease and prosperity.

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