VIDEO: Let Praise Precede Your Asking of Needs – Adab of Du’a 11

Allah Most High says, “I am near – I answer the call of the one who calls upon me (2:186).”

Yet, many of us wonder: Are my du’as being answered? Is there a certain du’a I have to read for each of my concerns? Do my du’as have to be in Arabic?

In this series of short talks, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani explains the reality of du’a (supplication) and how to turn to Allah. It is based on a classical text on the same subject by Shaykh al Islam Zakariyya al Ansari.Let Praise Precede Your Asking of Needs

Beginning with a beautiful biography of the author, the series covers the reality of du’a, its great virtue and proper etiquettes, and – most critically – how to use du’a to draw closer Allah.


Watch this week’s video, covering the wisdom, benefit, and proper etiquette of praising Allah and sending peace and blessings on the Beloved Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) before making du’a.

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