Guarding Your Tongue Seminar by Imam Yama Niazi

Despite ignorant assumptions, the tongue has the capacity to enter one into eternal salvation or eternal punishment, and it’s sins are a major source of human regrets. Thus, it is essential for every believer seeking closeness with Allah Most High to understand the importance of holding their tongue, and to evaluate the status of the things they say in light of Islamic Sacred Law. Such a matter is of tremendous significance, especially with modern-day applications amplifying the normalization of sins of the tongue; such as the use of foul language, indulging in gossip and backbiting on social media etc.

In this seminar, Imam Yama Niazi describes the tongue as “the leader for the rest of our limbs” – if it’s speech does not fall into sin, the rest of the limbs follow and vice versa. Take this opportunity to discover how to make your speech a witness for you and not against you on the Day of Judgment.

Watch the seminar here:

Imam Yama Niazi has studied with local scholars in the US for a number of years which culminated in him becoming an imam of the Islamic Society of Santa Barbara for 8 years. He served the community by teaching and leading prayers.In 2015 he founded “ the blessed tree “ a nonprofit specifically for bridging gaps between the Muslim community and others. He has spoken in many Muslim platforms and programs throughout the US and Canada. He currently teaches and is an instructor at SeekersGuidance and is leading youth education program as well conducting programs in local communities/masjids in North America.