La Ilaha Illalah! – Poem based on Qasida Burda – Novid Shaid

La Ilaha Illalah!

By Novid Shaid, 2011

Sing it with sincere ardour!
Drink it in with cheer and fervour!
The authentic formula!
La ilaha illalah!

Hear it echo in your dreams!
Wear this credo with esteem!
It’s the manifesto supreme!
La ilaha illalah!

Through it strengthens certainty!
View it with sincerity!
Imbue it, oh humanity!
La ilaha illalah!

In the great glory of dawn
When dusk’s canopy is drawn
Read it happily, feel reborn!
La ilaha illalah!

Hidden in it lies relief,
Medicine for spiritual diseases,
It’s the divine remedy!
La ilaha illalah!

Light of Unity appear
In those ones who preservere
Reciting with strong candour!
La ilaha illalah!

Peace and blessings on the one,
Prayers upon the noble one,
Who brought us the Kalima!
La ilaha illalah!