Lesson of Life by Leila Adam
So, your Lord didn’t send you on a Great Quest
To a famous noble sheikh for a teacher.
Instead He sent you an annoying request
From a brother John or sister Khadija.

Do you doubt the Source of your predicament?
Or the lesson He wishes you to learn?
Do you dislike the scenario He sent?
Or the direction He asked you to turn?

A noble teacher would set you hard tasks,
Wax-on, wax-off – to discipline your soul.
Don’t then ignore what your Highest Teacher asks.
His life lessons are not yours to control.

It is all part of what it means to Submit
And part of keeping the instruction for Sabr
And part of understanding how you should fit
Into His Wise and Benevolent Qadr.

Shake the sleep, the glare, the dazzle from your eyes
And see that your place is where He placed you.
Understand what He put plainly in your sight –
That your work is what He put in front of you.

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