The Acts That Help When We Die

Muhammad Ali – The Acts That Help When We Die, by Mostafa Azzam

There had been a time he was named Cassius Clay;
A time he was praising himself night and day.
“I’m the best in the world,” “So pretty,” he’d say.
And then in this world, he had risen so far;
Until he was granted his very own star.
With the famous of famous now put up on par.
But there was a problem with that kind of fame:
On the ground they would put the star with his name;
But now as the Prophet’s his name was the same.
So he said, on the ground the name should not lie;
Let the name of Muhammad be held way up high.
Yes, those are the acts that help when we die.
So now as his body is put in the ground,
And what’s gone around has come back around,
May mercy and peace be what he has found.
And may he be raised for his honoring of
The one who is mentioned in heavens above.
Yes, Lord elevate him…
for that reverence and love.
Lord, have mercy on the soul of our brother, Muhammad Ali, for the sake of the one he named himself after, the Prophet Muhammad, Allah bless and salute him.
Mostafa Azzam, 2016