Invest in Leadership for Our Communities – Imam Siraj Wahhaj

“I’ve come to love this organization and the great work they do in producing our future leaders.” – Imam Siraj Wahaj

An Invitation to Support the Islamic Scholars Fund This Ramadan 

Imam Siraj Wahhaj discusses the Islamic Scholars Fund and the importance of investing in leadership for communities around the world.

We need your help this Ramadan to support qualified scholars and students of knowledge – our future religious leaders – to learn and to teach within our communities.  

Due to the current global crisis, with many mosques and religious institutions being forced to close, many students and scholars have been left without financial support – we can’t let this prevent the spread of benefit and guidance. Help us prevent a faith pandemic.

faith pandemic

Don’t Let a Faith Pandemic Happen: Support Our Islamic Scholars Fund This Ramadan 

We need your help to raise $1 million in zakat and charity to urgently support scholars in need around the world.

There are many deserving scholars and students struggling to continue to serve their communities, despite great financial challenges.

Support to scholars and students

In this sacred month, give your zakat and charity to sustain the Prophetic legacy. 

The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) reported to have said: “Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets.”  [Related by Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Nasa’i, Ibn Maja, Ahmad, Ibn Hibban, and others] 

Islamic Scholars Fund

Support the spread of sacred knowledge through the Islamic Scholars Fund this Ramadan, by giving your zakat and charity to help us raise $1 million for deserving students and scholars in need around the world. 

On behalf of everyone here at SeekersGuidance, please accept our gratitude for everything you have contributed, and we pray you have a blessed end to Ramadan.


Waseem Mahmood
Business Strategy Manager

SeekersGuidance: The Global Islamic Seminary