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Turning to Allah, by Sidi Uthman Bhally

Turning to Allah begins with a sincere investigation of our hearts and intentions.  We can all claim to love Allah, but the question is does Allah love us? Turn to Allah for the answers, say Sidi Uthman Bhally.

There is an authentic and oft repeated Hadith narration by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ which states, “When Allah loves someone He calls Angel Jibril and He says I love this person…”
We can all state to love Allah, but the question is does Allah love us? If so, how do we know? Who is this person that Allah loves? We turn to the book of Allah, the Quran, for the answer. Allah states: ” Innallaha yuhibbu Tawwabeen… Verily God loves those who turn to Him.”
Tauba (repentance)  comes from the word taaba which literally means to turn; this movement implies a turning away and moving forward. So the question is what are you turning away from? And where are you turning to?

The answer is very beautiful: you turn away from disobedience and turn to your Lord.

The door of repentance, is open for you. Since this blessed door has opened for you…do you have the right to close this door for anyone else? The acceptance of repentance closes the door to judgement and opens the doors of Mercy.

Remove judgement of others, pray for the individual you witness in a state of disobedience, for the door that once opened for you may now open for them and close for you.

Be very careful in dealing with the creation of God. Those who strive towards God are accepted; but those who fall into mistakes are accepted as well. How does this work? Those that come with deeds relied on their efforts, and God accepted; while the sinner relies on Divine Mercy as the Saving Grace.
Turn to Allah sincerely and He will accept you. Turn to others with love and Allah will turn to you with love. We are all trying our best, and there are numerous challenges, hold fast to the good and Allah will facilitate openings.

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We are grateful to the Ha Meem Foundation for this recording. Cover Photo by girift duha.