Finding the Sacred in a Secular Age

Finding the Sacred in a Secular Age, by Shaykh Shams Tameez

Living in an era of uncertainty and confusion within a materialistic driven society, we often find ourselves lost, detached and oblivious to the purpose we were actually created for. To worship Allah. Listen to Shaykh Shams Tameez explain how we can navigate our way through this turbulence through practical advice.

We are grateful to the Ha Meem Foundation for this recording.

Shaykh Shams Tameez is a graduate of UK-based seminary Jamia al-Karam and Cambridge Muslim College. After graduating from CMC’s Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership, he worked as an imam at Aylesbury Mosque in Buckinghamshire before embarking on further studies in Istanbul with the Istanbul Foundation for Research & Education, CMC’s partner institution in Turkey, where he studied Turkish and logic. He is currently an Imam of a masjid based in High Wycombe.

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