Videos: Hajj Reflections – Radical Middle Way

Videos: Hajj Reflections – Radical Middle Way

Four Muslims share their personal reflections on Hajj.

Hajj Reflections – Abdul Ali Hamid

A person who intends to go for Hajj needs to make sure that he has fulfilled all other pillars of Islam, states Abdul Ali Hamid. In this Hajj Reflections video Abdul Ali Hamid recollects how important it is that one’s intention during Hajj must be focused on Allah (SWT).

Hajj Reflections: A Homecoming

Hajj felt like a homecoming to Latifah, who speaks of the overwhelming feeling that came over her and of the goodness it brings to those who undertake it.

Hajj Reflections: In The Footsteps of The Greats

Delroy “Luqman” Thomas, born and bred in London, would like to follow in the footsteps of the Prophets and contemporary greats such as Malcolm X

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Hajj Reflections – True Islam

According to Nizakat Ali, people will understand True Islam when they go to Hajj.