2019 Istanbul Calligraphy Retreat



The 2019 Istanbul Calligraphy Retreat is a unique opportunity for aspiring calligraphers to spend a month under the apprenticeship of master calligraphers in Istanbul.

The retreat will consist of direct instruction in the Islamic fine arts, along with lectures and excursions to visit senior calligraphers – both living and passed –  along with masters in  papermaking, bookbinding, marbling, illuminating involved in preserving and honoring the written word. We hope the retreat will offer participants the opportunity:

– to catalyze lifelong relationships with master calligraphers and internalize the spiritual motivations of creative work
– to formally begin the apprenticeship towards mastery in the letter arts which culminates in the coveted _ijaza_ diploma
– To cultivate meaningful relationships with fellow students to be a source of mutual inspiration and support through the demanding and rewarding  journey toward mastery.


The Deen Arts Foundation aims to inspire and educate by organizing art exhibitions and workshops and supporting practitioners of calligraphy, illumination, ceramics and other Islamic fine arts.
Islamic Retreats was established in early 2018 for the purpose of serving the needs of Muslim communities, groups, organizations, and charities in the West that wish to have educational, activity-driven retreats, or halal Holidays in Turkey. We believe that excursions like these help bring us all closer to each other and reconnect us with nature and reignite the spirit.


2019 Istanbul Calligraphy Retreat2019 Istanbul Calligraphy Retreat2019 Istanbul Calligraphy Retreat