A Call for Support

A Call for Support (Living Insights Foundations for Education)

Do you wish there was a well-rounded curriculum for the primary and secondary years, well-grounded in both the Islamic and secular subjects? Check out and support this campaign by the LIFE foundation. Living Insights Foundations for Education

Dear Seekers,

As-Salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmat Allah.

It is our pleasure to introduce and recommend LIFE (Living Insights Foundation for Education). LIFE is a new non-for-profit foundation devoted to publishing and servicing a full, authentic Islamic curriculum covering the primary and secondary years. We believe this is a communal obligation which our community is in great need of.

LIFE’s model is the applied trivium (resembling the Well-Trained Mind). This model allows contemporary students to benefit from a holistic Islamic education. The Islamic system of education is very clear: a balance of teaching (ta’lim) and character development (tarbiya), an integration of reason and revelation, and a classical methodology of engaging with texts and subjects. LIFE’s curriculum project starts with the traditional system of education (i.e. the original Dars-i Nizami), presented through a Trivium-based model, then supplement it with arts and craft, history, and other subjects drawing from Islamic culture outside the madrasa curriculum, which render the product holistic and suitable for all students.

Scholars and teachers need to act fast to mainstream our traditional systems of teaching and learning. LIFE’s materials and courses will allow parents and teachers in any part of the globe to confidently offer this benefit to their children (and schools and co-ops). No existing materials have fully imbibed these attributes.

As they embark on this important task, they are in need of your generous help and support to;

a) get their materials ready to be used/applied

b) to help them offer free courses to students and teachers in educationally-challenged environments.

Here is a list of short videos explaining the insights behind the organisation and the challenges ahead for this project.

For details on LIFE’s project, needs and team, please visit their website.  To support this endeavour, please visit their LaunchGood page to donate generously.