Red Sulphur

Red Sulphur: A Spiritual Treatise – Free eBook

The Red Sulphur, written by Imam al-Aydarus, is a short treatise on spiritual wayfaring. It has been translated into English and is available as a free eBook.

Al Kibrit Al Ahmar or The Red Sulphur was written by Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr al Aydarus who lived the 800s AH/1400s CE. He lived in Tarim, Yemen, and taught both the outer and inner sciences of Islam.  Scores of students graduated at his hands, many of whom went on to become great teachers in their own right.

Imam al-Aydarus was the first of his tradition to write books to reach students far and wide, since his contemporaries and teachers would mostly focus on the students around them, as well as those who had travelled to learn from them. In less than 100 pages, the author codifies the main concepts and foundational beliefs of the Ba Alawi spiritual path. However, this book is universal and is just as relevant for any individual who is serious about getting nearer to Allah.

Designed for those beginning the beautiful path of spiritual wayfaring, this book outlines the steps one must take on the path to reaching Allah. Beginning with the necessity of keeping the company of a learned teacher and how to tread the spiritual path, The Red Sulphur goes on to codify a variety of basic beliefs for the devoted aspirant, such as Godfearingness, having a good opinion of others, and having a correct understanding of creed. It then lists other conditions and steps, such as the ten stations for the spiritual wayfarer and the many states that one passes as they grow in their quest towards Allah Most High.

The Red Sulphur is available in English and in Arabic as a free download from The Royal Aal Al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Amman, Jordan.