New Beginnings at The Dar al Fuqaha Seminary – Term Two 2020

As spring brings forth new life at the beautiful Mevlavihanesi in Istanbul, a new term begins at the Dar al Fuqaha Seminary, bringing life-changing knowledge to students from around the world.

Term Two Classes began on June 6, 2020, the Ijaza Program —with leading scholars including Shaykh Usama al-Rifa’i, Shaykh Khalid Kharsa, Shaykh Ismail Majzub, Dr. Mahmoud Masri, and many others.

Given the current trials that we’re faced with globally, the SeekersGuidance Istanbul team has adjusted the course delivery process with the help of technology to keep students connected to their lessons and teachers. Term Two is being exclusively held online, for the safety of our students.  This term, scholars will be teaching from the campus as well as their homes if they are unable to come to the campus.

Dar al Fuqaha Courses On SeekersGuidance

The SeekersGuidance academy team is finalizing the Dar al-Fuqaha courses from term one to make them available to thousands of students worldwide, completely free. Courses will be made available in a week, and will include subjects such as: Fiqh, Usul al Fiqh, Sciences of Hadith, Tasawwuf, and more.

What is the Dar al Fuqha Seminary? 

The Dar al Fuqaha Seminary is a program launched in partnership with the Sultan Mehmet Fafih Waqf University under the leadership of Dr Mahmoud Masri of SeekersGuidance.

The Dar al-Fuqaha’ Islamic Seminary connects leading mainstream, traditionally-trained senior scholars with students of Islamic knowledge from around the world, completely free—at the beautiful Ottoman Madrasa, the Yenikapi Mevlevihanesi, founded over 420 years ago.

This program is meant to revive the classical system of scholarly authorization (ijaza) in a meaningful way: students who complete a text, or level of study, or program with understanding and mastery will receive specific scholarly authorization (ijaza) in what they have completed.

We pray that these young minds blossom and fragrance the globe like the roses that line the beautiful Dar al Fuqaha campus.