The Virtues of Night Worship

SeekersNotes: The Virtues of Salaah – Imam Tahir Anwar

SeekersNotes: The Virtues of Salaah – Imam Tahir Anwar

Notes taken by Seeker Aashif Sacha

Allah reminds us of our obligation of Salaah – the prayer in various places in the Quran.

  • Recite from the Quran in your Salaah
  • Our recitation should increase in our Salaah

When we speak of the virtues of Salaah

  • We are fulfilling an obligation from Allah
  • The evil that every individual is inclined to do, a human is protected from that evil through their Salaah

·      This protection comes from Salaah performed in a manner and method it should be performed

There are many obligations of our Salaah we are not fulfilling

  • Among them is that we fulfill our Salaah in a manner and method in which the Prophet ﷺ taught us.
  • Once we have fulfilled that, any evil a human being is inclined towards an individual is protected when they pray their Salaah.

“All kinds of evil, Inward and Outward an individual is protected”

The Prophet ﷺ says “An individual who performs their Salaah correctly, Allah will forgive an individual’s sins until the next prayer”

The Prophet ﷺ goes out during autumn and shakes a tree and there’s so many leaves that fall down. The Prophet ﷺ says that “an individual who prays their Salaah their sins shed from that individual as trees shed their leaves in autumn.”

  • When we shake a tree outside, we see the leaves falling
  • When we see an individual praying you don’t see any sins falling
    • We should know that when are fulfilling this obligation to Allah, Allah is rewarding us.
    • In addition to the reward we are getting we should know and realise that our sins are being forgiven by Allah
    • Slowly and surely
    • As we go from one prayer to another prayer, Allah is forgiving our sins.

The Prophet ﷺ mentioned to the Sahabah’s “If there is a pool in front of someone’s house and they jumped into that pool 5 times a day, would any dirt remain on that individual?”

The Sahabah replied “Ya Rasool Allah, no dirt, no filth would remain on that individual”

The Prophet ﷺ replied “That’s the case with an individual who performs their Salaah.”

  • Allah is doing us a favor by forgiving our sins
  • Allah is doing us a favor by purifying us

We need to realise that when the Adhaan is called the time enters for a prayer, it is time for me to pray.

  • As soon as a person fulfills and completes this obligation we come to realise that we are being cleansed spiritually.
  • We are being elevated spiritually.

When the Prophet ﷺ had any difficulty he would resort to Salaah

  • These are extra prayers

On the Day of Judgment when an individual meets Allah the first thing they will be asked about is their Fard Salaah.

If there is any deficiency in their Fard Salaah then the extra prayer associated with each Salaah, they will be looked at.

  • We need to do our Sunnah and Nafl prayers in order to make up for any deficiency that may have taken place in our Salaah.
    • This is a great act of worship!

In Salaah we are talking directly to Allah, the Creator of ALL the creation.

  • Allah is the Creator of creation.
  • In our faith we are able to directly communicate to Allah.
  • We Bow and mention the Praises of Allah

“Subhana Rabbi Al-Adhim”

“Glorified be my Lord”

  • When an individual is in prostration, we happen to be at the lowest point on the face of this earth – the ground, the individual is highest in status while that individual is in prostration with Allah.
  • You are the king of all kings when you are in prostration because you are prostrating to the King of Kings.
  • You are in service to Allah – The Mighty, The Majestic.

We begin by Praising Allah “Allah is the Greatest”

We begin with Al-Fatiha by Praising Allah.

  • Then with our hearts and minds present we say

“O Allah, Guide us to the straight path” Ameen

  • There is no way that Allah can not guide a sincere individual who is asking Allah to guide him or her to the straight path in the form of Salaah.

Our mind and hearts need to be present then Allah will grant us all the rewards of Salaah and all the benefits of Salaah.

  • That begins with understanding all the magnitude of Salaah.