Commemorating the Islamic New Year: Timeless Lessons from the Greatest Migration in History | Nur Sacred Sciences

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The Hijra is not only one of the greatest events in the history of Islam, but it is a historic milestone whose impact forever changed the course of history for all of humanity at large.  The migration of the Muslims from Mecca to Medina set the foundations for ensuring that the religion of Islam would become established in the Arabian Peninsula, the effects of which would reverberate from East to West as the realm of Islam spread.

This is why the rank of the great Muhājirūn, who left all that was dear to them in their homeland of Mecca for the sake of the freedom to worship and practice their faith in Medina is immeasurable.  All that the world has inherited today from the vast and rich Islamic tradition is owed to the sincere sacrifice of a few who undertook this momentous journey.  On the first day of the month of Muḥarram, we not only remember this great occasion that marks the first day of the Islamic calendar, but we are also reminded of its timeless lessons.

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