Living Faith Fully: Certitude, Gratitude, Contentment, and Tests and Blessings

Living Faith Fully – Meanings, Gratitude, Certitude, and Tests & Blessings


What does it mean to have faith? And then to live faith fully? In this podcast, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani shares four keys to “Living Faith Fully.” He explains the journey of life as being a journeying from (a) merely living; to (b) having faith; to (c) living this faithfully. From understanding how to actualize your faith, to understanding gifts and tests both as blessings, we begin to shift our perspective and open our heart to a more faithful life.

He advises that:

One. Strive to live the meanings of the religion and its rituals—not just its forms. “Mean it, then say it,” he advises.

Two. Cultivate Gratitude. Gratitude is a key to living faithfully. It entails (a) seeing—with faith—everything as a blessing from Allah; then (b) appreciating these blessings, through active reflection; and then (c) expressing this appreciation through directing the blessings towards good and the Pleasure of God (Most High).

Three. Cultivate Contentment. If we realize that the greatest blessings and gifts are those we already have—namely: (a) existence; (b) live; (c) faith; and (d) guidance—then everything else is secondary. Our contentment is for the heart to find acceptance, serenity, and joy at the Mercy and Beauty of God (Most High). Shaykh Faraz explains why the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) smiled more than anyone else, and how to breathe with contentment.

Four. Recognize Tests as Blessings. If we understand these realities, we should realize that all of life—its good and bad, the ease and the distress—are all tests. With our faith and guidance, we have the capacity to respond to any test, by the Grace of Allah, in the ways pleasing to Allah (Most High). Thus, no test, however difficult, should be viewed negatively.


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