Objections to Mosques in the United States – ISPU

“Not In Our Neighborhood”: Managing Opposition to Mosque Construction
Author : Kathleen E. Foley
Type Of Publication : Reports
Date : Oct. 01, 2010
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Opposition to mosque-building did not begin with the furor over the Islamic center intended for lower Manhattan, but that event demonstrated the increased vitriol against Muslims building or expanding their houses of worship. ISPU Fellow Kathleen E. Foley’s report “Not in Our Neighborhood”: Managing Opposition to Mosque Construction describes the RLUIPA laws relating to land use and development for religious communities; using three case studies, she offers examples for simplifying the process for both the applicants and the municipal board members hearing the cases. The report makes recommendations for sound practices and training before proposals are heard, advises municipal boards and related parties on how best to shepherd proposals, and gives basic information about Muslim practice as it applies to building and land use.