Seeker’s Expectations – How to Seek Knowledge

In the Name of Allah, the Benevolent, the Merciful

Seeker’s Expectations

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Three keys:
(1) Prepare carefully for class
(2) Attend attentively
(3) Review regularly

How to Seek KnowledgeHow to Prepare for the Class
(1) Read the text
(2) Prepare your questions

(1) Do the related readings
(2) Take notes
(3) Note/Look up the verses and hadiths mentioned
(4) Note/Look up definitions of key terms

How to Attend Class
(1) Cut out all distractions
(2) Have high intentions, ask Allah for facilitation
(3) Take careful notes
(4) Ask your questions

How to Seek KnowledgeHow to Review
(1) Have a schedule of review
(2) Have a study partner or group
(3) Review both text and your acting on the text
(4) Follow up questions
(5) Research issues that come up

Strive for Mastery
(1) Acting on what you learn
(2) Know the core material
(3) Know all definitions, key terms, concepts
(4) Be able to teach the text, as you learned it, and answer 90% of likely questions, without having to prepare
(5) Know when to say “I don’t know”

And Allah alone gives success.

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