Stop the Mass Killings of Peaceful Demonstrators in Libya – Statement from Religious Scholars of Libya

Stop the Mass Killings of Peaceful Demonstrators in Libya


This is an urgent appeal from Religious Scholars (Faqihs and Sufi Sheikhs), intellectuals, and clan elders from Tripoli, Bani Walid, Zintan, Jadu, Msalata, Misrata, Zawiah, and other towns and villages of the western area of our beloved Libya to all of humanity, to all men and women of good will:

The Libyan regime has been firing live ammunition at peaceful demonstrators who have been simply asking for their divinely endowed, and internationally recognized, human rights. We witness before God that, as we write this (February 19, 2011, 6:00 pm Tripoli time), hundreds of people are being gunned down with heavy machine guns near the Central Barracks and Security Headquarters in Benghazi. This is in addition to the hundreds killed and injured over the past three days in al-Beda, Darna, Shahat, Ijdabiah, and other cities and towns in the eastern area of our beloved Libya. Please HELP! Please do whatever you can to stop this slaughter.

We appeal to every Muslim, within the regime, or assisting it in anyway, to recognize that the killing of innocent human beings is forbidden by our Creator and by His beloved Prophet of Compassion (peace be upon him), and that whoever commits such crimes-against-humanity, or assists in committing them, in anyway, shall subject himself to condemnation to God’s wrath and eternal damnation. Human life is sanctified by God Himself, and is protected by Divine Shariah and International Law. Do NOT kill your brothers and sisters. STOP the massacre NOW!

We appeal to the faithful and brave Libyan people to help each other in all ways possible and to remain united. This is what is commanded by Allah and His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).

Saturday 19 February 2011