Update on the Scholar and Family Facing Death Threats

On October 18th, 2016, we made an appeal for urgent support for a scholar and his family facing repeated death threats and whom needed to relocate — see previous blog post here.

We wanted to update you that Alhamdulillah, we were able to raise well-over the amount we’d set as our goal, through your generous support!

With the amount raised, the scholar and his family will now have the funds to relocate to a different country as well as additional funds for expenses for the first few months as they settle in to their new home.

The funding is in the process of being transferred, through coordination by SeekersHub and local partners in the region, for the scholar to be able to settle down in the host country immediately.

There are also ongoing efforts well underway for the scholar to find suitable teaching opportunities.

It is from the ethos of SeekersHub Global that our commitment to #KnowledgeWithoutBarriers seeks to remove the barriers impeding the flow of the life-giving water of Prophetic guidance, so that its benefit and light can spread in these challenging times.

We pray that Allah accepts from each and every one of you who gave generously. May your generosity increase the baraka in your wealth and provisions and be a testament for you on the Day when we’re all in need of such deeds.

This was only one of many cases of needy, deserving scholars and seekers of knowledge we come to know of on a regular basis that are in difficulty and distress and need the community’s support.

Help us in supporting them through the SeekersHub Global Zakat FundSupporting them is key to fight the darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding with the light of knowledge and beautiful understanding of religion.

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