How SeekersGuidance Courses Work

If you’ve never taken a SeekersGuidance course before, you might be curious how it all works! Here is a complete tour of the SeekersGuidance course experience.

1) Lessons

When you log in, you will find a list of lessons for each week of the semester. Each course has weekly audio lessons; some also have supplementary video lessons. Download the audio lessons to listen and review on the go.

2)  Your Instructor & TA

SeekersGuidance courses have one or more instructors, and a teaching assistant (TA). Your live instructor will respond to messages on the forum and conduct your monthly online live class. In the meantime, your TA will help you work through course material with lesson reviews, weekly reflection questions, and more.

3) Forums

The News Forum is where you’ll find updates about your course – including review notes from your TA, and updates about your monthly live streamed classes. After listening to your recorded lessons for the week, post your questions and reflections on the SeekersForum. Your TA and instructor will either respond on the forum, or in person during your next live streamed class.

The bulk of your interaction with your instructor and TA will happen on the SeekersForum, so log in a few times a week to see what’s SeekersHub courses work

4) Live Sessions

As beneficial as online classes are, we know that nothing replaces a real student-teacher relationship. That’s why SeekersGuidance gives you opportunities to meet with your instructor, and benefit from their knowledge and character via online live sessions.

Most courses have three online live classes each semester. You can log in to a joint online classroom with a chat box to type in your questions or ask for advice from the teacher. For those who can’t make it, recordings are posted on the main course page after the session.

5) Quizzes

Quizzes are an important way to consolidate your learning. Most courses have several quizzes with recommended deadlines to keep track of your progress and assess your understanding. This also lets you stay in tune with other students so you can clarify concepts with each other in the SeekersForum.