Love With Allah

How to Fall in Love With Allah – Habib Umar bin Hafiz

There is none more deserving of your love than the Most Merciful Who created you and originated you from nothingness, and bestowed blessings upon you. Love comes from knowing, says Habib Umar. So know Allah.

The extent to which one knows the Tremendousness and Might of Allah, and His Beauty and Perfection, and His Excellence and gifts upon one, is the extent to which one knows and loves one’s Lord.

The love of a believer is not complete until they love Allah and His Messenger above all else. Allah Mighty and Majestic is the one who said to His Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, addressing us, “Say: If your fathers, sons, brothers, wives, tribes, the wealth you have amassed, the trade you fear will decline, and the dwellings you love are dearer to you than Allah and HIs Messenger and the struggle in His cause, then wait until Allah brings about His punishment. Allah does not guide those who break away.” (Sura al Tawba 9:24)

Here Allah is pointing out the corruption of those who love any of these things more than Allah and His Messenger. Then one must love those beloved to Allah and the most deserving of this love is the greatest of Allah’s creation, His beloved slave, Muhammad, Allah bless him and give him peace. The reality of this love cannot be expressed nor encompassed.

The States of Love for Allah

A person in love with other than Allah has many expressions and states. It is a great matter. One gets enraptured and taken, and love overtakes all one’s emotions and thoughts. So what then when one loves the Greatest and Most Generous? What then when one loves the Most Exalted and Most beautiful? What then when one loves Allah?

Allah says, in mentioning this reality: “Even so, there are some who choose to worship others beside Allah as rivals to Him, loving them with love. But those who believe are more intense in their love of Allah.” (Sura al Baqara 2:165)

Knowledge Is the Path to True Love

The extent to which one has faith in and knows is the extent of one’s love. For faith is tied to knowing. The extent to which one’s faith increases one’s knowing increases. Knowing Allah is acquired through

    1. Proper reflection and contemplation of the speech of Allah and His Messenger, blessing and peace be upon him.
    2. Sincerely directing oneself to Him and standing at the door of His bounty and grace through what He has ordained of acts of worship.
    3. Reflecting on the tremendousness of His Names and Attributes, and reflecting on His Creation and His fashioning, exalting thereby their Originator and Unique Creator.

If one’s reflection becomes good and its horizons expand, then one’s knowledge of Allah increases. And with an increase in knowledge of Allah there is an increase in love of Allah. When love increases then remembrance increases. And with much remembrance one’s intimacy increases, and that gives one purity of knowing and inner purity.

With much reflection on the tremendousness of the Exalted and Great one’s knowledge increases and is strengthened and becomes more expansive. And with the expansion of one’s knowledge of Allah, one’s love becomes more expansive and stronger until Allah and His messenger become more beloved to one than all else.

This is how you fall in love with Allah.

Our esteemed Scholar Habib Umar bin Hafiz was born and rasied in Tarim, Hadramaut, in the Republic of Yemen, on the 27 May 1963. He memorized the Magnificent Quran and was reared in a pious fashion, in the care of his father, in an environment of knowledge, faith and virtuous character.

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