heroes and heroines of Islam

Heroes and Heroines of Islam: Part 5 by Habib Kadhim al-Saqqaf

We regularly hear of the great heroes and heroines of Islam. However, we know little about what made these men and women so beloved to Allah and their people. In these series of talks, Habib Kadhim al-Saqqaf speaks about these famous men and women.

In the fifth and final installment of the series, Habib Kadhim speaks about the qualities that gave these people their strength and courage. heroes and heroines of Islam

Returning to Allah

As an example, we have Umm Salama, who was faced with difficult times. She made a duaa to Allah, asking that her losses be replaced with something better.  For many people, it is difficult to think of finding fulfillment after suffering a loss. However, it is important to remember that Allah can, indeed, make that happen. The Prophet promised us that even the smallest test, such feeling the pain of a thorn, is a chance for believers to return to their Lord and be rewarded for their patience.

Using Our Talents

Habib Khadhim concluded the lecture by encouraging everyone to use their particular talents for the benefit of Islam. Whether it is a good memory, deep empathy, or good speaking skills, we can bring great benefit if we use these qualities well. We may or may not be recognized for our efforts, but we can be sure of our reward with Allah.

In the next life, we will see many great women who we did not know about on this Earth, but caused great light to be brought to Islam. For example, the mothers of Imam al-Bukhari and Imam al-Shafi, were both single mothers who likely did not have a lot of resources. However, through their piety, commitment, and righteous parenting, they were both a means for reviving many Islamic sciences.

This concludes the series “Heroes and Heroines of Islam,” by Habib Kadhim al-Saqqaf. 

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