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Heroes and Heroines of Islam: Part Three – Habib Kadhim al-Saqqaf

We regularly hear of the great heroes and heroines of Islam. However, we know little about what made these men and women so beloved to Allah and their people. In these series of talks, Habib Kadhim al-Saqqaf speaks about these famous men and women.

In this segment, Habib Kadhim turns our attention to some of the heroines of Islam. He begins by speaking about Maryam, the mother of Isa, who underwent many challenges in her life. After her miracle pregnancy and the subsequent birth of Isa, she moved to Egypt, and then, when he was twelve years old, she moved back to their hometown.

She met life’s challenges with strength and faith, and after his ascension, she remained on Earth in worship for another six years.

Aminah, mother of the Prophet

Of course, when discussing heroines of Islam, we should never forget about Aminah, mother of the Prophet Muhammad. She is the means of the coming of the Prophet, and the connection we have to Allah. She was a very intelligent woman, and she was a poet with mastery of the Arabic language.

When she became pregnant, her face became illuminates with this light. She regularly saw various Prophets of previous generations. They would congratulate her, telling her that she was carrying the last Prophet.

Aisha, the Scholar

Our Lady Aisha was extremely intelligent and a scholar and eloquent. She was also very learned in the field of medicine, which she had learned from the Bedouin tribes, and was able to prescribe and prepare medications.

In addition, she was known as a scholar of Hadith, and after the death of the Prophet, many of the Companions would come to her, seeking her teachings about the Prophet and the Islamic sciences.

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