Prophet Muhammad SAW

Khadijah – She Who Believed in The Prophet ﷺ Before He Believed In Himself

Who believed in the Prophet ﷺ before he believed in himself? Who is the first ‘convert’ to Islam before anyone else? It was Khadijah, may Allah be pleased with her.
Khadijah believed. Her belief empowered her. She supported her husband ﷺ long before he was revealed as a prophet, because she had wisdom and foresight. In those terrifying moments after Angel Gabriel brought the first Qur’anic revelation to the prophet, it was Khadijah who fostered calm and clarity.
Who was this incredible woman and what can her example teach us in these times of confusion and turmoil?

A Role Model For Women and Men

Ustadha Anse Tamara Gray argues in this video from Mishkáh, that we need more women and men to imbibe these qualities if we are going to meet the challenges of our time.

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