Iman Beyond the Masjid

Join The Fadhkuruni Campaign This Dhul Hijjah With A Simple Invocation

With the advent of the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah which are the best days in this life, Habib Muhammad Abdur Rahman al-Saqqaf has initiated a tremendous project and invites you all to participate in the campaign.

The Fadhkuruni Campaign aims to revive the sunnah of remembrance of Allah, by abundantly reciting this invocation (dhikr):

SubhanaLlah wal hamdu liLlah wa laa ilaha ilaLlah waLlahu akbar NastaghfiruLlah al-‘Adhim wa natubu ilayhi

Please enter the number of this Dhikr that you have completed on this website.
Habib Muhammad has requested us all to please spread this message to our families, friends & wider networks to encourage the revival of the remembrance of Allah, Most Exalted.
All Success is from Allah
Please Share Widely

Cover photo courtesy of The Muslim Chaplaincy of University of Toronto and Qurrat Ansari Photography.