Speak Good About Others

How do I find purpose in Life? 11-part class with Shaykh Walead Mosaad

This class was conducted by Shaykh Walead Mosaad as part of Sakina Collective’s Spring 2015 Semester roster of classes. The class caters to an American Muslim audience who seek to apply the Prophetic teachings in their daily lives. The topics and discussions were organic and were set as per the feedback received from the attendees. The topics discussed reflect the wide range of issues American Muslims contend with on a daily basis from spirituality to child-rearing to doubts about religion to finance.

The 11 parts are entitled

  1. Cultivating the inner life
  2. Addressing doubts about Islam
  3. Overcoming Obstacles to more consistent worship
  4. How do we deal with suffering
  5. He She is neither family or spouse – how de we deal with each other?
  6. How can I be friends with my neighbours and coworkers without compromising my deen?
  7. How do I tackle the responsibility of my children’s upbringing?
  8. Islam and finance
  9. How do I find purpose in Life?
  10. Anger Management
  11. Etiquette of discourse and disagreement

Listen to them all here

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