Daily Qur’an Reflections: (20) Marvel of Creation, Thankfulness, Guidance, and Seek the Next Abode

Day 20: Juz’ Twenty: Surat al-Naml [27.60-93], Surat al-Qasas [28.1-88] & Surat al-`Ankabut [29.1-44]

In tonight’s set of verses, we’ll be looking at four key themes:



[1] The Marvel of Creation and the Oneness of Allah

This is a selection of a set of verses from Surat al-Naml, in which Allah describes His overpowering Majesty over everything. Such verses are a reminder to reflect over creation: There is no god but Allah.


“Who created the heavens and earth? Who sends down water from the sky for you– with which We cause gardens of delight to grow: you have no power to make the trees grow in them– is it another god beside God? No! But they are people who take others to be equal with God. Who is it that made the earth a stable place to live? Who made rivers flow through it? Who set immovable mountains on it and created a barrier between the fresh and salt water? Is it another god beside God? No! But most of them do not know. Who is it that answers the distressed when they call upon Him? Who removes their suffering? Who makes you successors in the earth? Is it another god beside God? Little notice you take! Who is it that guides you through the darkness on land and sea? Who sends the winds as heralds of good news before His mercy? Is it another god beside God? God is far above the partners they put beside him!” [Qur’an, 27.60-63]

Reflect on the marvel of the creating of the One Creator–the One alone worthy of being your ultimate purpose and goal in life; the one alone worthy of worship.


[2] Allah’s Bounty and the Duty of Thankfulness

Another recurring theme throughout the Qur’an is Allah’s reminding us of His grace and favour upon us. The blessings are raining down– just reflect, and then be a person of gratitude.

“Your Lord is bountiful to people, though most of them are ungrateful.” [Qur’an, 27.73]

The least of gratitude (shukr) is not to disobey Allah with what He has blessed you with, as Imam Junaid (Allah have mercy upon him) explained.


[3] Allah Guides

Jalala in Red

Allah is the One who guides. You cannot force people to worship, be patient, grateful, rejoice, or anything else. Rather, Allah is the One who turns hearts towards Himself, and gives people openings from whence they least expect.
“You [Prophet] cannot guide everyone you love to the truth; it is God who guides whoever He will: He knows best those who will follow guidance.” [Qur’an, 28.56]
Call to Allah, but realize that guidance is in His hands.


[4] Seek the Next Life through This Life

This life is but a bridge to the next. Do everything whilst constantly looking at the eternal benefit:

“Seek the life to come by means of what God has granted you, but do not neglect your rightful share in this world. Do good to others as God has done good to you. Do not seek to spread corruption in the land, for God does not love those who do this.’” [Qur’an, 28.77]

And be a strong believer– doing good to others out of a realization of the good that Allah has done for you. And become those believers whom He loves.

And Allah alone gives success.


Tabraze Azam and Faraz Rabbani



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