Ramadan Guide For Menstruating Women

Although we all know that it’s really the inward that matters, sometimes the outward helps us get there. But when we lose certain acts of worship in Ramadan, it doesn’t mean we have to lose out. Here is a handy resource list for menstruating women to get the best out of Ramadan.

The Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, said about menstruation, “Verily this is a matter Allah has written upon the girls of Prophet Adam [peace be upon him].” [Bukhari] Those who claim that menstruation is like a punishment because one cannot perform acts of worship are severely mistaken. On the contrary, there are many forms of worship that a woman can do while menstruating aside from what is legally prohibited.

Allah says in the Qur’an, “He who obeys Allah and His messenger, and fears Allah, and keeps duty [unto Him]: such indeed are the victorious.” [Qur’an 24:52] Allah Most High has commanded menstruating women and women in a state of lochia (post-natal bleeding) to refrain from the ritual prayer and ritual fasting. Thus, if a menstruating woman fulfills this command with the intention to submit to Allah’s order, she is actually worshiping Allah the entire time that she refrains from the ritual prayer and ritual fasting.

It has been said, “Her praying while pure is worship (ibada), and her refraining from prayer while menstruating is worship. All of it is worship.” Therefore, there’s nothing dreadful or awful about menstruation or lochia (post-natal bleeding), rather it is a person’s attitude towards it that matters.

Suggested Acts of Worship

  1. Listen to the Qur’an
  2. Make remembrance (Dhikr) of Allah. See: Selected Supplications.
  3. Send blessings on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). See: Selected Prophetic Prayers for Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing by Chaplain Ibrahim Long.
  4. Give generously in charity. See: How Much Should I Give In Charity?.
  5. Be kind to others, including spouses and family members. See: Prophetic Guidance: On Forbearance, Patience, and Kindness.
  6. Make Dua for the Umma. See: Remembering the Umma in Prayers.
  7. Make much repentance. See: Chapter on Repentance-Imam Nawawi.
  8. Feed fasting people. See: Feed the People – Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said.
  9.  Carry out any righteous deed. See: Easy Good Deeds by Mufti Taqi Usmani.
  10. Gain Islamic knowledge. See: Nine On Demand Courses for Ramadan.
  11. Babysit to help mothers worship. See: Making the Prophet Real for Children.