Help Revive Women's Islamic Scholarship

Support “The Scholar Without Students” – Help Us Raise $200,000 to Support Women’s Islamic Scholarship Now (Zakat-Eligible)

Give your zakat and charity, urgently, to raise $200,000 to support deserving and needy women scholars and students of Islamic knowledge around the world.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 USD in a Zakat friendly campaign in order to support six female seekers of knowledge: two students and four female scholars. It is imperative that we support female scholarly voices who are experts on dealing with women’s issues in Fiqh, Islamic social sciences, and more.

“The Scholar Without Students”

During university, this Shaykha questioned her identity and reflected on her faith – as many do. She sought out guidance and with God’s Mercy, she found balanced, wise and compassionate teachers. They motivated her to become a student of knowledge. Shaykha’s studies lasted over ten years and took to her many beautiful places including Turkey, Syria and her ancestral homeland: the Indian Subcontinent. She was blessed to study alongside exceptional men and women in each of these countries, with distinction and high recommendation of her teachers.
Since moving back to the US, she resides in a small community and has limited opportunities to teach—and far too few students. But through support from the Islamic Scholars Fund, she will be able to dedicate herself to teaching, both on the ground, and online- across the world.


Your charity and Zakat donations can help as follows:

  • Helper – $30 can help buy groceries
  • Supporter – $50 can help buy study materials
  • Sponsor – $250 can buy key reference books
  • Champion – $500 can help pay for tuition and tutoring
  • Companion – $1,000 can help pay for essential family expenditure
  • Protector – $5,000 can help pay rent for more than one month
  • Leader – $10,000 can help provide long term security

Donate today: Help Us Raise $200,000 to Support Women’s Islamic Scholarship Now (Zakat-Eligible)