Adab of Dua Series: Introduction and Etiquette

The Adab of Dua is a 30-part series about the etiquette and reality of dua (supplication) in the Islamic tradition. These talks are based on a text by the same name, written by Shaykh al Islam Zakariyya al Ansari.

In this introduction, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani speaks about how we often hesitate in making dua, usually because we are worried that the place or time are not right.

Times to Make Dua

It is true that are special circumstances that we are recommended to supplicate in, such as the Day of Arafa, where sins are wiped away, leaving the path to Paradise clear. In addition, it is recommended to fast on that day.

Shaykh Faraz begins this series by reminding us that we have a Merciful Lord who will not deny us on technicalities, just because we missed a certain special day or time, and that we should make a habit of supplication regularly.

Intentions Matter

Keeping this is mind becomes especially relevant when there is difference of opinion as to when a certain time falls, such as the 27th day of Ramadan, or the day of Eid. In these situations, one should remember that Allah will respond to us in accordance with our intentions.

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