Saving Our Souls Series | Part 3: A Precious Counsel from a Revered Scholar – Shaykh Yusuf Weltch

Our master ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Alawi al-Haddad (may Allah be pleased with him and benefit us by him) said, in his book ‘Religious Counsels’:

These qualities are obligatory for every believer to embody and acquire…

Referring to a prior statement just before this:

That the believer should be:

  • in a state of reverential awe
  • humble
  • in a state of fear due to consideration of Allah’s majesty
  • detached from the world;
    • content with less of it
    • generous with the surplus of his possessions
  • desirous for good for the servants of Allah Most High;
    • compassionate to them
    • merciful to them
  • enjoining toward the good and preventing the evil
  • competing in good deeds
  • perseverant in worships
  • guiding toward goodness
  • calling towards guidance
  • emulating of the righteous
  • dignified
  • respectable
  • tranquil
  • beautiful in character
  • big hearted
  • soft shouldered
  • lowering of his wing to the believers

He should not be:

  • arrogant or haughty
  • covetous of people
  • desirous of worldliness
  • giving preference to the world over the Hereafter
  • hoarding of wealth
  • preventing the good
  • harsh nor hard-hearted
  • argumentative
  • quarrelsome
  • accusing
  • rigid
  • evil in character
  • tight-hearted
  • lax
  • deceptive or untrustworthy
  • giving preference to the rich over the poor
  • frequenting the gathering of the sultans
  • quite regarding correcting the wrongs when able
  • loving of:
    • status
    • wealth
    • power
      • rather he should abhor all of these and not endeavour toward any of them nor associate himself with them – unless there be a need or necessity


May Allah make us ideal Muslims, ameen.