Exemplars for our time

Exemplars for our Time: Mini-Book Series of Modern Muslim Sages

EXEMPLARS for our TIME: A Ground-Breaking Publication & Unprecedented Collaboration, Needs Your Help.

We need your support for EXEMPLARS for our TIME, a ground-breaking mini-book series led by internationally acclaimed British photographer Peter Sanders (Meetings with Mountains, In the Shade of a Tree, The Art of Integration) and American author Michael Sugich (Signs on the Horizons, Hearts Turn).
Each book in the series will be professionally written, designed, edited and published. For anyone who has read Meeting With Mountains, Signs On The Horizons, or Hearts Turn, will know how the ihsan of these sages must be reflected in the ihsan of the books.


ONLY ONE WEEK TO RAISE $30,000 TO PRODUCE THE FIRST 5 BOOKS IN THE SERIES – photographic essays on the lives of the modern saints:

Book 1: Sidi Muhammad ibn Al-Habib (1872-1972) by Dr. Karim Lahham

Book 2: Habib Ahmad Mashhur Al-Haddad (1907-1995) by Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi

Book 3: Shaykh Murabit Al-Hajj (1913-2018) by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf