True Greatness: Sura al Mulk Explained – New Study Circle

A new global study circle started this Saturday, 8 July 2018, in Toronto. The subject of the course is True Greatness: Sura al Mulk Explained.

Sura al Mulk consists of 30 verses and presents believers with numerous lessons on how to bring their faith to life. Shaykh Faraz Rabbani elucidates the meanings of the verses based on the commentary of Shaykh al Islam Ibn Kamal Basha (940 AH).

Utilizing this commentary in conjunction with other classical commentaries Shaykh Faraz synthesize pertinent lessons for the believer. Listeners will learn how to nurture their faith in God through contemplation (fikr); be able to understand what distinguishes those who accept the truth from those who reject and refuse; learn the qualities of the people of faith; understand the prophetic role of the Messenger of God, and much more.

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