Live Webinar: “Interest-Based Finance and Global Warming: Making the Connection” – Ethica Institute

Live Webinar: “Interest-Based Finance and Global Warming: Making the Connection”


How does interest-based finance contribute to global warming? And how does Islamic finance provide an alternative?

We explore these and other topics in this 40 minute presentation and follow up with your live Q&A.

Cost: FREE

Where: The comfort of your desk

When: 6pm Dubai time, Sunday, December 12, 2010

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What You Get:

* 40 minute presentation with slides

* Live Q&A

* Guidance on how to get active

* Free downloadable article providing step-by-step guidelines

We briefly look at how interest-based finance imposes unnatural demands on humans and nature, and explain how Islamic finance offers the more ethical alternative. Most importantly, we ask you to get involved and give you some simple steps to get started.

Across the globe, every summer gets hotter and every winter gets milder. Between 1980 and 2007, the summer Arctic ice area shrank from ten million square kilometers to four million square kilometers. At this rate, the Arctic will be almost free of ice within fifteen years and the sun, with no large ice sheet deflecting its light, will have free reign to warm our oceans at will.

Rising sea levels and increasing global heat are not part of a natural, glacial shift in the Earth’s weather patterns, as some of those in moneyed quarters might have us believe, but rather a dramatic environmental shift all happening in a blink of the Earth’s archaeological eye. It is caused by us. A fact easily measurable from carbon data in ice stratigraphy dating back millions of years.

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