Global Impact Report

SeekersGuidance Global Impact Report: A Snapshot of the Growing, Global Impact Made Possible With Your Support

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SeekersGuidance has launched our Global Impact Report. It expounds on our vision to build an Islamic Seminary with Global Impact, while upholding the Prophetic ethos of making knowledge free and accessible to all those who seek it.

Global Impact Report

A letter from our founder, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, is included. He talks about his focus, the gradual and steady growth of SeekersGuidance since 2011, and the SeekersGuidance commitment.

Global Impact Report

Two case studies are presented which illustrate local work and global impact. Statistics are presented which illustrate 600 course registrations in 2011, and an anticipated 120,000 projected for 2018.

Global Impact Report

Testimonials are presented from students in Toronto, India, and New Zealand–which demonstrate the global reach to students taking our courses and accessing our online services.

Global Impact Report

Highlights presented for SeekersGuidance Toronto Islamic Seminary are:

  1. Step One: Certificate & Seminary Track Students

  2. New Resident Scholar – Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Ba-Dhib

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Collaboration with Global Muslim Deaf Canada

Highlights presented for SeekersGuidance Global Islamic Seminary are:

  1. Launching our Global Arabic Language Program

  2. Launching SeekersGuidance Global in Arabic

  3. Our Commitment to Female Islamic Scholarship

  4. Deploying the World-Class Five-Level Steps Curriculum

We feature our Steps Curriculum Courses with 650+ Toronto registration and 3,000+ Global registrations, as well as our other offerings such as On-Demand Courses, Q&A Service, Podcasts, and more.

This Global Impact Report was launched and presented at our Impact Luncheon at SeekersGuidance Toronto on 11 August 2018.

All this work is only possible by the Help of Allah and supporters like you, so we ask you to consider becoming a monthly donor. No amount is too small, even $10/month can help us sustain our growth and support the increasing needs of our community. Donate Today.