Getting Married Seminar Helped make Marriage A Reality for SeekersGuidance Student

Getting Married seminar helped make marriage a reality for SeekersGuidance student

The Getting Married seminar is one of our most popular live programs, and following much demand, has been launched this winter semester as a new online course. Now anyone around the world can benefit from the knowledge and guidance of our teachers, husband and wife Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Ustadha Shireen Ahmed.

A student’s story

SeekersGuidance student, Sister Telisa R., attended the Getting Married seminar in Toronto in May 2010. Since then, Telisa has contact us and informed us that she is now a happily married wife.


Telisa told SeekersGuidance how she had been previously discouraged to consider marriage, due to the many challenges she faced. One of these challenges was inter-racial marriage and its acceptance in the community. However, after being encouraged to attend the seminar by her brother, what Telisa learned from Shaykh Faraz gave her a clearer perspective on her situation.

What she learned at the seminar

Telisa told us, “…at the seminar, I learned the wisdom of marriage, the beauty of it and how to deal with inter-racial marriage. I also learned what to look for in a spouse, which I used as a reference when I started getting to know my now-husband; about his characters, his intensity towards Islam, our compatibility, etc. I remember Shaykh Faraz said “if you know someone with good characters, marry them”. People told me my now-husband is excellent towards his parents, I knew that was the first reason why I was interested in him. So, I accepted the proposal.”

Telisa increased her benefit from the seminar by taking notes and reviewing them afterwards, and also by reading the recommended books by the teacher. She said “I shared my notes with my now-husband. My brother purchased the book that Shaykh Faraz recommended, Islamic Marriage, by Ustadha Hedaya Hartford, and alhamdulillah, the knowledge I gained has been beneficial for me and my husband.”

If you would like to bring the Getting Married seminar to your community, please email us at [email protected]

Take the new online course

Want to take the new online course? Click on the link to register now. The course starts on January 24th. GETTING MARRIED: Islamic Guidance on Successful Steps Towards Marriage, taught by Ustadha Shireen Ahmed and Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

This 12-week course is essential for those of marriageable age and teaches the proper preparation required for a successful marriage. Nobody should get married without being ready, without really knowing what you need to be successful in marriage, and what the true purpose and aim is.

The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) described marriage as being half of our religion and as an essential aspect of his noble way (sunnah). It is a means to earn Allah’s pleasure, and the foundation of healthy society. Having a high intention in marriage as your foundation will help to ensure a lasting and wholesome marriage.

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