A Ramadan Reader

Please find below a collected of assorted articles and talks from Sheikh Abdal Hakim about the blessed month we find ourselves in. Whilst extensive, this is by no means exhaustive and so if you have any suggestions for additions to the list please get in contact!
Talks and Lectures

Preparing for Ramadan – How to prepare ones body, mind and soul for Ramadan, this most welcome of guests.

‘Abdal Hakim Murad – Ramadan’ – A talk given in the last few days of Sha’ban, again about approaching Ramadan with ihsan.

Benefits of Fasting – A talk in the run up to Ramadan about the manifold benefits of fasting.

Restraint in an age of excess – This khutba outlines some of the tribulations afflicting the modern world that fasting – insha-Allah – can help lift.
‘Fasting is Mine’ – A lecture exploring the hadith qudsi in which Allah says ‘Fasting is Mine’.
Charity – A khutba that discusses one of the very beneficial acts one can perform whilst fasting during this month.
‘On Ramadan’ – Delivered Aylesbury Mosque, UK November 1999
Eid-ul-Fitr – An Eid-ul-Fitr khutba given long ago, a treat to savour at the end of the month!

A Fairtrade Ramadan – From the Radical Middle Way

Ramadan in Turkey – A brilliant snapshot of the vibrant Ramadan experience in Istanbul

The Ramadan Travelogue 2010 – Last year the Sheikh treated us to a daily Ramadan Travelogue, some of them covering his thoughts whilst travelling in Turkey. Sparkling, rich and always relevant, we hope for more entries this year. Please return to the site regularly for more updates on this.

Thought for the Day transcripts
A collection of textual offerings from Aunty Beeb, some directly relevant, others tangentially so (audio here)
15 October 2004 – Retro-Ramadan
1 September 2008 – Annual Muslim Challenge Ramadan Day 1: Attack the Convolvuli
16 September 2009 – The Da Vinci Code and the Night of Power
23 September 2009 – The Hospitality of Eid
12 January 2004 – Lust: a double edged sword
27 July 2007 – The Fundamentals of Fat

The image above is taken from inside Sultanahmet Mosque (the ‘Blue Mosque’), Istanbul. Taken by the CKETC team.

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