Abu Ali Al-Rudhabari[313 A.H]: An Example of Those Who Are Pleased With Allahs Decree at Al-Faqih

Ustadh Abdus Shakur Brooks, SeekersGuidance instructor


The Imam Al-Muhasabi [234 A.H, Baghdad] in his Al-Risalah Al-Mustarshideen said:

” Know that you have not tasted the sweetness of Iman until you believe in the the qadr [of Allah] completely; its good and its bad”

Abdul Fattah Abu Guddah mentions in his footnotes on this famous work that Abu Ali Al-Rudhabari [313 A.H] who was one of the earlier Salaf Imams in Tassawuf, was thrown in a lion’s pit because he gave advice to the ruler of Egypt Ibn Tuloon . When placed in the pit the lion sniffed around him but did not harm him. When he was asked what his heart was thinking about when the lion was sniffing around him, He replied:

“I was thinking about the difference of opinion between the scholars concerning the saliva of carnivores [regarding whether or not it was an impurity or not].”

This shows you the level of certainty of those whose heart are really attached to Allah. He was certain that whatever Allah does not decree to harm him will not harm him, and what Allah degrees to harm him with can not be avoided. His heart was entirely content with Allah’s decree so much that he was thinking about the application of a fiqh issue pertaining to his situation rather than fear of creation.

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