The Best of 2016 at SeekersHub Global!

The Best of 2016 at SeekersGuidance Global!

The SeekersGuidance team is modest but it packs a hefty punch, by the Grace of Allah. Thousands of you have had your questions answered using the unique SeekersGuidance Answers service, several new podcast shows were launched and the Academy continues to offer free, high quality courses to anyone with an internet connection.  Shaykh Faraz Rabbani speaks of our favourite highlights from this past year in this brief video. Also, take a moment to scroll through the blog post for some more highlights.

The brand new location of SeekersGuidance Toronto opened in April, with twice the space, welcoming some 10,000 visitors this past year. The site also saw a 192% increase in attendance during Ramadan programs in just two years.


$781,269 in zakat contributions were distributed to needy individuals and scholars

$781,269 in zakat contributions were distributed

35+ courses were offered by SeekersGuidance Academy, to approximately 15,000 students.

SeekersGuidance Academy

18+ Lesson Sets were downloaded 11,000 times

There was a 60% rise in website users, with approximately 6.3 million visits this year.

There was a 60% rise in website usersThere was a 60% rise in website users

Podcast episodes were downloaded 265,000 times, with 6 new shows launched

5 new teachers join our team of scholars, answering thousands of private and public questions at the SeekersGuidance Answers Service

SeekersGuidance has volunteering opportunities – to get in touch, please email [email protected]


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