Intentions for Ramadan – Habib Ali al-Jifri

Intentions for Ramadan

1. We intend to fast all the days of this month, beginning from the first night of its inception, and intend to renew this intention every day before sunrise (fajr).
2. We intend: to expose ourselves to Allah’s spiritual breezes (nafahat); a sincere repentance, by having regret for what may have transpired from us, leaving sinful and disliked actions, and having resolve to never return to them; to return people’s rights or dues and if unable, then seek their pardon; to persist in renewing one’s repentance after every sin.
3. We intent to recite Qu’ran in a state of majesty and exhalation towards it’s words, and attain an opening in it from Allah.
4. We intend to call to Allah through good behaviour and virtuous character, particularly when quarrels and arguments might take place during the fast.
5. We intend from the beginning that it be a month of nearness to Allah through mastering our works and actions.
6. We intend to spend the nights of this month in righteous works and take benefit in the Night of Immense Worth (Laylat al-Qadr).
7. We intend to rectify the state of our hearts so they be better after Ramadan than they were before it. We intend to remain in a continuous state of upward spiritual ascent until out meeting with Allah is that of those who are loved.
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Taken from Habib Ali’s English language facebook page, here.
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