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A Comprehensive Guide to Istikhara

The Prayer of Seeking Guidance

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Have you ever become exhausted in trying to make a decision? Needed trustworthy advice? Sought sincere guidance? Craved validation for your decision?

The answer to these questions is another question: Who is more Superior than Al-Hadi – one of the 99 names of Allah Most High – meaning “He who guides and gives success”, to provide perfect Guidance? Istikhara is a prayer of seeking guidance from Allah Most High. And this is a comprehensive guide for Istikhara and Istikhara-related questions including guidance for marriage. 

Articles on Istikhara

The Reality of Istikhara

Questions and Answers Relating to Istikhara

  1. Istikhara Prayer for Marriage
  2. Istikhara: The Prayer of Seeking Guidance
  3. Understanding the Answer to My Istikhara
  4. Someone Else’s Istikhara Contrary to One’s Own Istikhara
  5. I prayed Istikhara and I am Still Unsure 
  6. Is It Permissible to Do Istikhara for Another Person?
  7. Should My Father Meet My Suitor Despite a Worrying Istikhara Prayer?
  8. Can I Perform the Prayer of Seeking Guidance (Salat Al-Istikhara) More Than Once?
  9. Can I Perform the Istikhara Prayer About a Matter Regarding Which I Have Already Performed It?
  10. Is It Permitted to Pray the Istikhara Prayer for Another?
  11. Following Istikhara in Pursuing Marriage
  12. Asking Someone to Make Istikhara On Your Behalf
  13. Did the Answer to My Istikhara Come in My Dreams?
  14. The Permissibility of Asking Another to Perform the Guidance Prayer (istikhara)
  15. Should I Accept a Proposal From My Relative Due To My Mother’s Death?
  16. Marrying Someone Older
  17. In Love

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